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Painting courses and critiques designed to take your paintings and drawings to new plateaus.

Classes offered in a variety of mediums to every level of experience.

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"A great artist is always a student " - Charles Webster Hawthorne (1872-1930)

"I have taken four workshops from Howard Friedland and from the very first workshop he has helped me evolve into a more accomplished painter by instilling a better understanding of color, atmospheric perspective and composition. I did a grist mill painting and learned about the quality of reflections in water related to color, which was really eye opening for me. Some of the best information he shared was to consider how to use color and brushstrokes to bring your viewer to your center of interest and this is advice I use in every painting. The professional look that my paintings now have is due to the improved skills that I attribute to workshops with Howard. His critiques are right on target and he has the ability to not only show you how to make changes to make your painting better, but he can articulate how to accomplish this goal. Not all teachers have this gift. Howard is a dedicated teacher who unselfishly focuses on helping his students become better painters."

Linda Shoults, Indiana

What an inspiration to grab that bucket of courage and try watercolor! Susan's easy and encouraging style of teaching disarms the intimidated student, and brings us into her thought process as each exercise comes to life. The quality of the production is excellent, with split screens so we can see each step along the way, and printed instructions with charming graphics as a bonus reinforcement.
Yes, we can do this!

Eva Eriksen, Montana